Approda Team





Gualtiero Nicotra

Graduated in engineering at the Politecnico di Milano, Gualtiero holds a MSc in "Sustainable Energy Engineering" from the Royal Institute of Technology - Stockholm - and an Executive MBA from SDA Bocconi - Milan. He worked in strategic consultancy companies in Italy and abroad, direct SME's departments of R&D and operated as entrepreneur and advisor.



Petra Piffer

Graduated in Law at the University of Bologna, Petra holds a Master's degree in "Evaluation, Training and Development of human resources" from the University of Padua (Faculty of Psychology) and an Executive MBA from SDA Bocconi. She is expert in HR Management with over ten years of experience in multinational companies, SMEs and Public Administration.



Stefano Caminaghi

Graduated in Economics and Business at Bocconi University with specialization in "SME Management" Stefano holds an Executive MBA from SDA Bocconi. He is a freelancer in business consulting for SMEs as corporate management advisor and providing support for generational steps or for extraordinary finance operations such as M&A. Stefano also plays Private Banker activities since 2000.



Pablo Battistini

Graduated in industrial engineering at the Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, in Mendoza-Argentina, Pablo also holds an Executive MBA from SDA Bocconi in Milan. He has ten years of experience in America, Far East and Europe within multinational companies and currently plays the role of managing Director at a medium-sized company within the Italian steel industry.





Laura Innocenti

Business leader and entrepreneur, Laura covered several top management roles, including managing director in national and multinational companies both in Italy and abroad (UK and Australia, Asia, Africa).  Works as an entrepreneur and consultant.