New Startup members


"it’s the very people who no one imagines anything of,

who do the things that no one can imagine"


Did you know that of 100 startups that send a business plan to an investor, 97 are not funded? If you belong to this group, probably no one ever told you that your business plan was rejected because it was considered incomplete, without a clear strategy or unsupported by adequate skills.


We believe in you! For this in approda you will find all the tools you need to:

1. Have a complete and automated evaluation of your business plan in realtime





2. Receive an automated detailed feedback that highlights all critical items of project and suggests how to improve them.




3. Easily complete your business plan you will find already prebuilt automatically and powered by economic and financial tables with improvement tips for each section





4. Enrich your startup information sheet with all the documents you want, such as business plans, certification, product listings etc. (don't worry, we'll keep them private and you will be the only person to share them if you wish)



5. Publish detailed information about your project in order to be contacted by investors and stakeholders, only when you are satisfied with your project's rating



6. Complete your team with qualified people for each role.
Automatic algorithms will select optimal resources for improving the overall rating of your project



7. Receive feedback on your project from people of your contact list, keeping them informed about the status of your project and its improvements, contact users who might contribute to the success of your startup



8. An ecosystem, a network and a series of tools that will guide and help you develop your entrepreneurship